5th & 20th March; 3rd & 23rd April; 8th & 21st May 2022

Wild Food Foraging is a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable way to connect to the natural world.  As well as slowing us down, it brings us into contact with the land, wildlife, the elements and the seasons – And it leaves no carbon footprint!

In the spring the English countryside is jam-packed full of tasty, highly nutritious food which is safe for us to eat and naturally cleansing for the body.  On my foraging walks I will teach you how and what to pick in a way that is respectful to the land and the local wildlife.  You will then learn how to incorporate these wild goodies, adding beauty and nutrition into your everyday diet.

Walks last approx. 2 hours.  Starting at 9.30am at Stroud Brewery.  Cost £20


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I took part in one of Sophia’s guided foraging walks and it was wonderful. It really opened my eyes to the bounty of goodness in the natural environment and I came away with lots of useful information about the benefits of plants! Sophia was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and she tailored the experience to the individuals in the group. If you’re looking for an experience to reconnect with the wild environment, identify local flora and fauna and meet a lovely guide, then this is it! – Ashley Caddle